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Wam (ワム Wamu) are a device for drawing electrical power from Novo to allow the process of simultaneously converting/translating the human universe and Novo to the opposite of each other through the Kado. They serve as a source of energy and are single-handedly able to provide infinite power to human society, easily compared to a never draining battery.[1]

The Wam consist of macromolecules and function through two components, comparable to the positive-and negative pole concept. Once an electrode is attached, it will begin to conduct. The appropriate voltage is emitted depending on the circuit. The closest equivalents to their macromolecules are conductive plastics. There are no requirements to affix the system to a source of energy, making them eligible for universal use.[2]

They require neither fuel, nor have they shown to produce pollution or C02. However, as they generate energy infinitely, they are likely to disrupt the atmosphere's heat supply and absorption balance, which could result in an increased risk for global warming.[2]

Visually, Wam resemble colorful marbles, usually in vibrant shades of blue and red, although they can also completely drain from color and turn dark gray. On the interior, they contain the shape of Kado.[1] Although they appear to be one shape from the outside, they actually feature six individual shapes - however, all resemble shattered fragments instead of common shapes.[2]


Wam are introduced to humanity by Yaha-kui zaShunina during their first negotiation meeting and describes as infinite power source, which the otherworldly being wants to gift to the world, in order to achieve universal advancement. He demonstrates that they can provide power to a broad area effortlessly and that they can be affixed to any kind of cable, no matter the material or system structure.[1]
Three days after the meeting, the committee in charge of the affairs discusses the Wam. Saraka Tsukai claims that Japan was precisely given a number of 167 Wam. Her collague, Koujirou Shindou, explains that Yaha-kui is currently in the process of something they dub "Transformation", in which he approximately takes out ten Wam from the Novo a day. Meanwhile, the Unified Science Research Laboratory is having a special team do a detailed investigation on it. The United Nations Security Council is told to have ordered for all Wam to be delivered to them from Japan to manage, as they believe it causes conflict to only have one single country in charge of the issue.[2]

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