Shun Hanamori



Kanji 花森 瞬
Rōmaji Hanamori Shun
Age 26 Years[1]
Gender Male
Height 169cm / 5'5"ft[2]
Occupation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, United Nations Policy Division Officer[3]
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Souma Saito (Japanese)
Kyle Igneczi (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Koujirou Shindou

As early as Episode 00, Hanamori and Shindou are shown to be good friends. They often joke around and seem to understand each other well. It is shown that they go out drinking together often and Shindou has to bring him home whenever Hanamori gets too drunk to walk by himself. It can be assumed that they live together based on the fact that both Shindou's and Hanamori's possesions were in the apartment. They seem to be comfortable enough around each other as Shindou casually undressed Hanamori when he fell asleep with his clothes on.[9]
It is shown that they mutually care about each other throughout the series, for example when Hanamori first got his hand absorbed by the anisotropic, Shindou immediately tried to calm him down while Hanamori screamed for help. Similarly Hanamori immediately ran to Shindou's aid when he saw the negative impact of the anisotropic on Shindou. Shindou seems to hold a lot of faith in Hanamori, giving away his position to him, stating that he believes he can do it. [10]

Episode 09

Hanamori talking to Tsukai in Episode 09.

While not a usually affectionate person, Shindou has his moments of fondness, for example patting Hanamori's head when he came back from Kado or bribing him with yogurt. In Episode 09, it was revealed that Hanamori is actually in love with Shindou after he spoke to Saraka, asking her if she likes Shindou too. 


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