Koujirou Shindou



Kanji 真道 幸路朗
Rōmaji Shindō Kōjirō
Age 30 Years[1]
Gender Male
Height 176cm[2]
Occupation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, United Nations Policy Division Officer (Formerly)[3]
Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Miura Hiroaki (Japanese)
Ian Mead Moore (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Yaha-kui zaShunina

zaShunina's bond with Shindou is one of the most prominent in the series as he spends a significant amount of time trying to get to know the human and vice versa. Shindou was the first person to be exposed to the anisotropic, which resulted in negative side effects due to a lack of better communication between the two species. [4] Since then, Shindou put in all his efforts to get pleasing results for both parties involved and resigned from his position as U.N. Policy Bureau in order to fully focus on his negotiation with zaShunina, choosing to trust him for the sake of human advancement.[5]
As Shindou represents zaShunina on humanity's behalf, he eventually got to know the alien a lot better and the two gradually develop a mutual understanding towards each other and something akin to a friendship, with Shindou explaining human concepts and culture to him or bringing zaShunina books to read. On one occasion, he brought him to a festival [6] and made him an origami seahorse bookmark, which zaShunina used in later episodes.[7]
In an official interview, Noguchi (series producer) mentioned how communicating with Shindou softened zaShunina and in the process he learned more about what humans are like. [8] 
Episode 09

zaShunina asking Shindou to join him in the anisotropic.

It is also possible zaShunina developed some sort of feelings towards Shindou, as proven in Episode 09 when he gets close to him and caresses his face. This is also evident in the fact that he asked him about leaving to the anisotropic with him. However, his conflicting feelings towards Shindou backfire as he is incapable of acting out on his feelings alike to a human and later on made a clone of Shindou without his prior knowledge, attempting to "make him disappear" if he disagreed.

Shun Hanamori

As early as Episode 00, Hanamori and Shindou are shown to be good friends. They often joke around and seem to understand each other well. It is shown that they go out drinking together often and Shindou has to bring him home whenever Hanamori gets too drunk to walk by himself. It can be assumed that they live together based on the fact that both Shindou's and Hanamori's possesions were in the apartment. They seem to be comfortable enough around each other as Shindou casually undressed Hanamori when he fell asleep with his clothes on.[9]
It is shown that they mutually care about each other throughout the series, for example when Hanamori first got his hand absorbed by the anisotropic, Shindou immediately tried to calm him down while Hanamori screamed for help. Similarly Hanamori immediately ran to Shindou's aid when he saw the negative impact of the anisotropic on Shindou. Shindou seems to hold a lot of faith in Hanamori, giving away his position to him, stating that he believes he can do it. [10]
While not a usually affectionate person, Shindou has his moments of fondness, patting Hanamori's head when he came back from Kado or bribing him with yogurt being some examples. In Episode 09, it was revealed that Hanamori is actually in love with Shindou after he spoke to Saraka, asking her if she likes Shindou too.

Ritsu Natsume

Natsume and Shindou used to be co-workers. It was revealed that she has a crush on Shindou and often does him favours, although he seems oblivious to the fact. However, she states that she won't pursue him as he is suited for someone "far greater". [11]
Despite this, she genuinely seems to like him as a friend and was worried about his well-being when he got transferred into Kado in Episode 01.

Shuuhei Asano

Asano and Shindou used to be co-workers and went to the same college together.[12] They are on friendly terms and hugged each other on one occasion, with Asano calling him an idiot. [13] With Asano being neutral, he neither agrees nor disagrees with Shindou's stance on the anisotropic.

Saraka Tsukai

Saraka has been shown to have an interest in Shindou in several scenes in anime in early episodes before her identity as an anisotropic is revealed. At reveal of zaShunina's true intentions for humanity he proceeds to kill Shindou but his motive fails when Saraka unleashes her anisotropic form and saves shindou revealing that she loves Shindou and cannot allow him to die. Later in turn of events shindou saves Saraka's weak anistropic form from zaShunina's attack and gets fatally wounded showing that shindou loves Saraka in return. After Shindou has been killed by zaShunina after the heated argument ,Saraka has been shown to scream hinting at close relationship with Shindou in episode 12 . later it is revealed that Saraka and Shindou had a daughter and named her Shindou Yukika. Shindou's friend Shun raised her in a space altered by power of Nanomis-hein where it has passed 16 years in a very short amount of time and so Yukika has become 16 years old .It's also revealed that Yukika is a being a dimension higher than zaShunina himself .


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