Episode 09
English Nanomis-hein
Kanji ナノミスハイン
Release June 9, 2017
Running Time 23:50 Minutes
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 Nanomis-hein (ナノミスハイン) is the ninth episode of the Seikaisuru Kado series.


The episode follows two people, Shindou and Saraka. While Shindou enters Kado with zaShunina, Saraka attempts to get Shinawa to create an entrance into Kado. When asked upon why, Saraka states that she "has a bad feeling".
Meanwhile, Shindou approaches zaShunina about the possible negative effect that introducing such technological advancements can create. However, zaShunina ignores Shindou and shows him the fourth and final anisotropic technology, the Nanomis-Hein. This sphere-shaped device is capable of altering mass, inertia, gravity, and even time. ZaShunina then explains that the anisotropic have one desire in life; to learn.
In order to accomplish this desire, they ended up creating multiple universes, each one with various changes to fundamental rules and laws, like Newtons laws of momentum and the speed of light. He states that our universe is one of those creations. In amidst of these events, zaShunina ends up using the Nanomis-Hein to slow down his relative time, so that 10 seconds to him is 70 hours to Shindou, giving him the impression that zaShunina was seemingly frozen. While zaShunina realizes this, he approaches Shindou and explains what has happened, apologizing to him. In a state of confusion, Shindou asks him if he is God, which zaShunina denies, stating that he is "only an anisotropic being" and that "humanity is the real miracle". He then proposes if Shindou would like to join him in the anisotropic.
Seemingly shocked by this revelation, Shindou doesn't reply in time and zaShunina bitterly ponders if it was too soon. ZaShunina then reveals that Kado has made an exact copy of Shindou from 70 hours ago. ZaShunina then states that he has no further purpose for the current Shindou, and that he wishes for him to disappear. He then materializes a sword of pure energy, and attempts to strike Shindou with it. At this moment, Saraka reveals herself to be a being from the anisotropic and manages to burst through Kado's previously impenetrable walls, seemingly attempting to defend Shindou from the ray sword.

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